Dr. Hannah Kopelman

Clinically trained in skin cancer and hair loss with a passion to share knowledge about dermatology and skincare.

I'm Dr. Hannah Kopelman

I’m a physician, dual clinically trained in cutaneous oncology from Boston University and in hair loss from Columbia University. I believe we all have the ability to accomplish ambitious goals while also enjoying the joys of life and family. I plan to take you along on my journey as I become an expert in both clinical dermatology and share the excitement of being a woman in the world.

Your go-to source for engaging, trustworthy, and scientifically-backed dermatology and skincare insights!
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Avoid These Skincare Mistakes

Breaking down common mistakes that people make in their daily skincare routines.
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Learn About Psoriasis

Dr. Hannah Kopelman sits down with leading dermatologists to unveil the best treatments currently being used to treat chronic skin conditions.
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Do You Have a Mole or Melanoma?

I want you to understand what skin condition you have so you feel most informed.